Thursday, April 5, 2012

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"Nelly Moser" clematis
This week has been a series of beautiful days interrupted by typical spring storms and rain. We seem to have returned to more typical temperatures, 70's (days) and 50's (nights) rather than 80's and 60's. The warm weather has brought lots of things out.

This clematis is at bloom at home in my flower bed. There is also a pale pink “Nelly Moser” clematis nearby clambering over my winter honeysuckle. At work I have two pale purple clematis, untagged and unnamed, that came from the Lowe's clearance table. They are doing great. Clematis are really hardy and with a little attention at planting you can have a spectacular vine for years to come.

Speckled King Snake
This Speckled King Snake (Lampropeltis getula holbrooki) came out to enjoy the warmth too. It is a little hard to tell from the picture but it was about four feet in length. While reading up on king snakes (Wiki again I think) I found that they are called “king” because they frequently feed on other snakes. That is why a King Cobra is called “king” as well, because they prey on other snakes. Anyway, was glad to see such a large and healthy looking one. Hope it stays away from the roads and mowers. I did not attempt to relocate this one.

Another item that popped up is bamboo, 
Bamboo shoots

in the corner of the garden. And it is true what they say, that it grows several inches a day. In the picture it is barely taller than the mint, a week later and it is taller than my head. This plant has been the source of much dispute with one of my co-gardeners. He is determined to have it and I am opposed. It is considered an invasive species and I have yet to meet anyone who said they were able to eradicate it after it was established. He planted it anyway. We will see what happens.  It has been a good opportunity for me to practice my communication skills and my community tolerance. You've got to try to practice what you preach. As long as I'm not the one who has to dig it up!

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  1. clematis...this is my new favorite flower! so lovely :)
    i thought bamboo was a good plant, useful and good for pandas--why dont you like it?