Saturday, April 14, 2012

Further Flea Market Fun

Often on weekends I fill in for a few hours at the flea market, it helps cover my rent. That helps if it is a slow month and the sales are down. If things are slow, which usually isn't the case, I get to check out everyone else's stuff. You never know what you will find. This week there were two sets of golf clubs and bags, two sets of speakers, two queen comforters and many, many other things.

Last week I bought a Schrade “Old Timer”(muskrat w/brown bone) pocket knife. I have been wanting one to keep in the F150. There are always times when I need a pocket knife, and I get tired of borrowing someone else's. The Husband generously gave me his Gerber Knife (fancy multi-function gadget with a pair of pliers among other blades) when he upgraded to a new Leatherman. I keep the Gerber Tool in the greenhouse at work. I still have my Dad's Boy Scout knife with eating utensils and everything else, but I don't use it much.

My paternal grandmother gave me my first pocket knife. It was a smallish knife, just two blades, but I was ready to take on any project with that knife. I felt like a cowboy, army man, explorer, Tarzan, and pioneer woman, all rolled into one. It was a knife of great power!

There were plenty of fun things at the flea market too, like this little camera.  I doubt that it works, but it would make a fun display piece. The glider reminds me of fun times in the past too. My dad would put them together and we would fly them until the tail parts broke or someone stepped on it, whichever came first. The polka dot hat just looked fun to wear. I would put the top down on the Miata and wear one but I know it would blow off.

I finally purchased a jar of “Pickles like Grandma's” (see previous flea market blog post) but haven't opened them yet, but will report on them as soon as I do. The stock was getting low and someone came in and bought several jars and human nature being what it is, it made me decide I had better get mine before they ran out. My other great find was several packages of luffa sponges with little packets of luffa gourd seeds included. There is no telling how old the seed is or if it will grow, but they were extremely cheap and the sponges will be useful.

I bought three packages of dishcloths, a jar of pickles, several pair of the scissors I like (they were reduced to fifty-cents a pair, can't beat that), my luffas and a Rival stick blender for $4. A spending spree, I hope I can get myself under control! My real splurge this week was from Lowe's, three lovely plum trees marked down. Two of the trees were regularly $30 each and the other tree was regularly $20. They were marked for clearance at $15, $15, and $10. The young man checking me out had a lot of trouble with the clearance prices. I told him four different times what the correct prices were and in the end he still charged me just $10 each. His manager was there and he was apologizing profusely for the slowness and I just didn't have the heart to say “Hey you got it wrong” in front of his manager. Call me weak, I did try to get it right, but I decided to just enjoy the savings and let Lowe's get on with their evening. Ethical dilemmas..they are everywhere. I decided to err on the side of kindness toward the individual instead of concern for the institution or my faultless reputation. Ha!

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