Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spiderman....He's Baaaaack!

Spider re-visit

Spider capture gear
After sleeping in latish this morning due to an early thundershower, I rose to find my arachnoid guest back in the shower. Looks like the very same spider. I don't think that is possible, but if I find it in the tub again I am going to paint a stripe on it or something to check. Its temperament was very different, the other spider was calm and cooperative, this one was much more active and anxious (perhaps I am projecting???). Of course the spider anxiety could be accounted for if it WAS the same spider and it did not want to get launched off the deck again. Not sure.

In case you run into a similar situation, here is my spider containment gear. The calm spider just moved away from the spatula and into the peppermint tub. The anxious spider needed a little flip, like turning over a small pancake (about his size actually) to get it into the tub. I did not linger on my way to the deck to see if it could make it over the sides, it tried a couple of times but slipped back.

Plant stand at flea mkt
In other more appealing news. I have a blackberry coming up from a small root cutting. I will try to show it when it is a little larger. And all of my tomatoes have sold at my plant stand at the flea market. I have more that I have moved up into larger pots (see “Moving Up Tomatoes” previous blog post) and will get them out on Friday for the weekend gardeners after the plants finish settling in.

Plants and spiders have their natural rhythms and destinies. We all have.  There are unseen futures that we are moving toward. People and situations come into our lives that can aid our movement or cause us to get tossed off the deck. Wisdom says pick those situations that will help you move toward the best present and future. Life progress is a series of those choices. Find people who will help you discover and choose the best. Avoid showing up where you shouldn't be, you could end up in a plastic tub.

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  1. I really identify with your last paragraph. I am loving reading your blog. I hope to "channel" your gardening expertise this summer.