Saturday, April 21, 2012

Farmer's Markets, Sustainability, Location, and Mayors

Fresh Local Honey from Drewry's
 This was finally a Saturday morning that I was able to get up and get to the local Farmer's Market. Even so, it was really late before I drank enough coffee to get me out the door. But it was amazing!

Even though I slept late and the vendors were closing up by the time I arrived, I was stunned. One of the first things to meet my eyes were pots of a new variety of fig. Next to them were perennial hibiscus (big red flowers I'm told). The next vendor had French Tarragon plants and Lemon Guava (sturdy young vines for $4, see if you can match that over the Internet!) Another vendor had a beautiful Coffee Tree! Talk about exotic. I bought one coffee tree, one fig tree, one perennial hibiscus, two guavas and two tarragons, all soundly potted (not bare-root) for less than $60, no shipping (I was going to town anyway), no tax. Local shopping can be an adventure so don't underestimate the creative and entrepreneurial souls who are out there waiting for you.
Ellen Crane's Guava & Tarragon

All of this happened in the Westside Church of Christ's parking lot. Now if you are talking about heroic, these folks deserve the medal and the kudos IMHO. After our local Farmer's Market was forced to relocate from their “prestigious” downtown location, they were invited to use the Church's parking lot. This has served as their new location. Let me say that I greatly respect and applaud the Westside Church for allowing the Market to use their facilities for something as community benefiting as this. On behalf of our community “Thank You”! We benefit from an easily accessible location with plenty of convenient parking. I appreciate the organizations, churches, and politicians who are truly looking out for the interests of the regular person, not just the business owner or the high profile trend-setter in town.

Rose Jelly and Coffee Tree
And also, speaking of politicians and interest in the issues of the average citizen, I remember that Earth Day two years ago was when I listened to the remarks of the then mayoral candidate, now mayor. He was publicly commenting on the Earth Day Sustainability Panel that I had participated in. When he expressed his hope that all of our town's citizens could have the chance to engage with the sustainability issues we discussed I thought “There speaks a man I would like to support”. Politics is a tricky game as we all know, here is hoping that issues like “sustainability” have a larger place at the table alongside profit and business interests. Blessings, prayers, and Good Luck Mr. Mayor!

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