Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Thanksgiving

Butterfly on lavender
The possum (Jethro) has been on the deck in search of cat food. The potatoes are growing. New butterflies are appearing on the lavender and the deer are nibbling on the blackberries. Life continues and is beautiful.

This has been a week of intense beauty. The weather, the flowers, the countryside, it has been stirring, lovely, and moving. Everything isn't perfect. There are things that need to be fixed, apologies that need to be said, forgiveness needed, and yet there are still so many lovely things around. There are blue skies and sunshine, babies and birds, flowers and new leaves and it it so special and breathtaking. Sometimes I know we are moving through a cloud that comes from our own minds and it obscures all the lovely things around us.

So here is an Easter thanksgiving, or a spring thought if you prefer. Thank you God for all that is lovely. Thank you for all that is new. Thank you for all that is unblemished. Thank you for new life and freedom and forgiveness and all that is good. Strengthen me to face what is not good, in me and in others. Give me patience to wait for the new life that comes from you. Accept my trust, even when I am unsure or confused. Please receive my love, appreciation, and faithfulness. I treasure my relationship with you even though it is completely unmerited on my part. Thank you for the wonderful Creation you share with us, thank you for the record of your faithfulness in your words to us, thank you for the relationship we are able to have with you. Thank you!


  1. Oh, goodie, I get the first comment. Thank you for this post and prayer, beautiful in its uniqueness. You are the only one who could have said it in this certain, special way. Gorgeous photos and word pictures! I thank the Author of you!

    a glorytellin' bro

  2. i like that you named him jethro...and your photos are so pretty. thanks for sharing :)