Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Graffiti and God

On my way to work this morning I drove past this train car. It took me a few moments to realize “Hey, that was really cool, what was that?”. I had to drive another quarter mile before I could turn around. I turned and headed back. The car had moved. I pulled off the side and thought I could see it way down the tracks. I found a place to park, hopped out and pushed my HDR camera app on the phone.  Suddenly, it was backing up...and it stopped right in front of me. I got the photo, and off it rolled, right on cue.

Now the strange thing was that while zoning out on my way to work I had been thinking all kinds of prayer and God things. I was asking Him about what I should do about certain things. And there it is...on the side of the train, “Do It”. Pretty direct if you ask me.

Let me be clear, I am always talking about being wise and using our good sense and things like that. But there is room in my world for God to just speak up, any way He wants to.

I've always liked train graffiti. Some of my first digital photos were pictures of graffiti on train cars. I really like the style and colors. I like trying to figure out what they say and wonder about who did it, and where it is from. If you Google it there are some amazing pictures. I only searched about ten pages, but I didn't see any that looked like they were by the same artist.

Anyway, I liked it. I'm still trying to figure it out, but the colors and the style were super and the use of space was tremendous. So thanks and congrats to you, the Unknown Artist. And as for me, I think God was sending me a message through your design. I am not even going to get into any ethical questions about this please and thank you very much!


  1. Ha!! You'll get no objections about your method from me. God is a creative artist - He never sticks to just one medium. =)

  2. i LOVE train graffiti...used to photograph it. God is in the rain, and all other forms of miracles. that train car may have been some kid's only sanity in a world of shite, it's a miracle some of us make it out....good eye marg, good eye!