Saturday, March 31, 2012

Head'em Up... Move'em Out, March Round-up!

Jethro, the deck possum
Since I started blogging I have intended to get back with answers and it seems that the end of the month is a good time to do this. So here goes, in no particular order.....

From the most popular post, Possum Love, it seems that the possum lovers were outvoted by "marsupials creep me out” and “over grown rodents”. We did have a name suggestion for the deck possum- “Jethro, like the hillbillies".

It does not appear that Medaglia D'oro or Cafe Bustelo are fair trade coffees. The prices are awfully cheap and I couldn't find anything saying they were, and I am sure it would be on there somewhere if it was fair trade.

Ideas for glass jar recycling- I store all my grains and stuff like that in jars. I use them for give away vases for bouquets and for messy rooted cuttings or ones rooted in water. I store my garden seeds in little jars. I put my bath salts in them. I make emergency candles by melting down old or damaged candles into jars. When I send food or leftovers with someone they make the perfect non-return food container. There are all kinds of clever ways to stack them and glue together or attach to a board to make a vase arrangement for the wall or table-top. Look for unusual shapes and different heights. I haven't even checked Pinterest. I'll bet there are some great ideas there, let us know please.

Chitted potato sprout
The solar collector has been relocated to our property. The collection unit worked too well and the heat melted and deformed the plastic. I will try again toward fall and use recycled cans painted black instead. Still working on the water circulation issues.

It looks like the Northern Diamond-back Water-snake is in its normal range here in Arkansas. And my chitted potatoes are up and doing fine.

Thank you again for being such loyal and encouraging readers. I am going to take a couple of days off and catch up on some stuff.

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