Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Deck Visitors and Others

Luna moth

Today was beautiful. Everybody and everything that could get out, got out. As I was drinking my first cup of coffee I saw a Luna moth on the deck. We almost always see a few sometime in the spring.

Another visitor was a titmouse. Apparently mister and missus are building a nest under the deck somewhere. They were fluttering and hopping around the deck, pulling off little pieces of cardboard and gathering clumps of weathered leaves. They had beaks full of various recycled materials. It was a very bold bird, but it didn't like the sound of the camera.

Coming back from checking on the garden I stopped to look at the turtle in the road. I am pretty sure it is a three-toed box turtle. It was
Three-toed box turtle
 very suspicious and refused to show me its legs
though.  I relocated it in the direction I think it 
was going and left it.

My transplanted tomatoes and blackberries are doing well. I am keeping the small tomato plants moist, but they have been hardened off well so I am not too worried. No sign of cutworms yet. They aren't as much of a problem in the raised beds, but I have stuck little twigs alongside the stalks just in case, to keep any cutworms from encircling the stem and gnawing it through. It seems especially wasteful to just cut the plant off and not eat the rest of it.

You have to work hard to make something, like a nest or a garden. You have to be careful and crafty too. There are things out there that can destroy all your work. Fruitfulness depends on effort, care, and intentionality as well instinct and the undeserved blessings of a beautiful day.


  1. Greg spotted a HUGE moth in our kitchen window one evening this week and called me in to have a look. At first I thought it was a bat. It was larger than the largest butterfly I have ever seen. VERY beautiful, but impossible to appreciate fully because it would not stop long enough for us to see and admire the pattern on its wings. We stood in awe watching her until she finally flitted away. When I was a little girl my grandmother would tell me that she was praying for me and that she sent her prayers on the backs of butterflies. She said that every time I saw a butterfly I would know that she had been praying for me. Only a creature as beautiful as a butterfly could carry something as precious as a prayer. =)

  2. You've GOT TO COUNT THE TOES!!!