Friday, March 30, 2012

Office Park

Park view, briefcase, & gummi bears
When a little extra motivation is needed to get me working on a project I may go to my other office space. Some people go to coffee shops and I have done that. But my favorite spot is in a local park overlooking the lake. It is a nice open place with plenty of folks passing by so I don't feel isolated. There are sunny spots and shady spots under my choice of oak, pine, or persimmon. I can sit at a wood picnic table or concrete picnic table. Sometimes I bring my own lawn chair and prop my feet up on the benches. I generally bring my own treats and drinks, although there is a water fountain close by.

I'm not sure when I started doing this. I am a pretty intense introvert and there are times when I have to get something done and I need some space. It is okay being around people, I just don't want to interact with them if I am trying to focus and I need to be able to tune them out. That is pretty hard for me to do, tune people out that is. I don't really have that mute button capability. And working from home can keep me really distracted, especially if it is too messy.
Evening coming on

It always feels like a treat to do this park visit. I don't do it every week, but maybe once or twice a month, sometimes more. Depends on the workload. As long as it isn't windy I can spread out my stuff all over the table (something that I often can't do at home).

Here are my favorite tips for an outdoor office away from home. Make sure you feel pretty secure about your spot. Dress for the weather. Take a cushion, the seat may get hard after a while. Check under the table and bench, especially in the summer, sometimes Black Widow spiders hang out there. Take a big insulated cup for your hot or cold drink. Locate within sight of a restroom if possible. 

Enjoy your surroundings and let novelty stimulate your creativity. I am grateful to live in an area with lots of natural beauty. The Corps of Engineers maintains my office.

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  1. And grab some rocks to use as paper weights if it's windy! =)