Saturday, March 17, 2012

Little Yellow Work Buddy

Just wanted to introduce everyone to one of my favorite tools at work. I think this is called a “utility cart”, more dignified than little yellow wagon. Since this is marketed in Lowe's to the outdoor garden and yard working crowd, they had to come up with some other name. Whatever the name, it is a great work and time saver. I regularly load up the “utility cart” with plants and buckets and pruning tools and other implements of my gardening trade. I haul it all over the place and the inflatable tires make it easy to pull. When I have really heavy things to move, the handle is removed and a different piece is inserted that can attach to the back of a mower or garden tractor for towing.

Utility cart
The sides let down for easy unloading. It had a plastic liner that covered the bottom, but it has since worn through and been discarded. I like the cart because it is useful, simple, quick, and maneuverable. It doesn't have an engine and doesn't make much noise. It really is nicer and more efficient than the alternatives unless I need to move something really heavy. And ... it is part of my paid workout.

I often choose to haul things across the work property to add a little exercise to my day. I need to lose weight and how nice that I get paid while strength training. I guess you could say my “cart” is my work buddy and my workout buddy too.


  1. Forgot to mention, it costs around $100.

  2. What?! No engine?! I'm out. ;) Getting work done AND getting paid to work out...that's what I call a "two fer". =D When we get serious about clearing off our land this cart will come in handy.

  3. so, let me get this straight, you are hauling your "buddy" around like you're a work mule?! what kind of a buddy is that? any buddy of mine would know to carry me around ;)