Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Black Widow, Black Mission, Black Coffee

Espresso maker

The big presentation is over and I am taking an easy day before I start to catch up on everything else.  Burnout is more of an issue in my life these days.  Not exactly sure why that is.  Perhaps it has to do with being able to focus more intently for longer periods of time.  So after a project, I need some reboot time.  Or maybe it is just that I am older and tired, or maybe both.  Another one of those many things that I don't know.  But I do know, too much study makes me really unable to get on with things.  A break is good!

I consider blogging more of a relaxing activity, but trying to post regularly takes some effort.  That is why caffeine can be my friend.  For a one shot approach, I use the Krups garage sale espresso maker.
Repainted metal kitchen tray cart

This coffee maker was part of a thirty dollar deal that I purchased from a sale a couple of miles from my house.  The Husband and I pulled out a stack of stuff- an old maple dresser, a couple of metal kitchen carts, two step stools, a gate, and many other items.

I repainted one of the carts and use it as a plant stand/end table.  My daughter is using the dresser in my grandson's room.  I use both of the step stools and we use the gate on the garden.  And of course the Krups, when I want one cup not a whole pot.  I find that you get some great deals if you are willing to buy a pile at once.  Of course loading and dragging home said pile was not as fun, but the dresser for the grandson was easily worth the price and the rest was essentially free.

Fall mustard greens
The garden continues.  The orchard is struggling. A strong wind broke one of the plum trees in half.  The blackberries are doing great.  My Black Mission figs are fruiting and are yummmmy!  It is hard to get new seed up for the fall crops (lettuce, radish, etc.) because it is just so hot and dry.

I had to kill a large Black Widow Spider in the garden today.   It had made its home in a concrete block and I saw it the other day and was going to let it live.  But, it started building its web onto one of the figs and I am not willing to shell out a large deductible for the ER if I can easily avoid it.

Whenever you water here in the hot summer time, Black Widows are attracted to the area.  They especially seek some type of crevice where they can hide and nest.  I try to give predators as much of a chance as I think I can.  I know enough ecology to know that natural systems need natural predators and spiders aren't vegetarians.

Black Mission figs and spider's web

I have heard we have a bear nearby.  I have been watching, thinking I might see it, but so far no dice.  I will keep looking.  Hope it doesn't mistake me and the Ruckus for some sort of tasty venison option.  Seriously, seeing one would make me a little nervous, but I am sure it wouldn't try to do me any harm.   I know I am in much greater danger from all the deer hanging out along the back roads and the neighborhood dogs that view me as some kind of track and field event when I am on the Ruckus.

Well, the dog days of summer will be over soon, and that is okay with me.  I have enjoyed most of it, but it is time to move on to new things.  I am glad that each day and each season has its "new mercies".

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  1. i am sad to read that you killed a spider...i try not to as well, but i have killed, for markus. the things we do for our children :(
    i fully support a day off! you worked hard! i am proud of you my friend.
    EVERY DAY IS NEW is one of my fav things about life. you never know what a new day will hold :)