Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tis the Season to be Salad

Salad choice #1
Tomato and cucumber richness has initiated the summer of salads.  The 100+ temperatures make it the right choice.  Take one or two achingly ripe tomatoes, add a cucumber or two.  Use a base of romaine with some celery.  Make up some home-made ranch dressing.  Add whatever embellishments and protienesque touches you want (boiled eggs, cheese, ham, walnuts).  Finish off with a generous grind of black pepper and whoops there it is.

These salads usually occur after a hot session in the garden.  I come inside, remove sweat drenched clothes and stuff them in the washer.  Take a shower, dress, assemble salad, then rehydrate, relax and eat for an hour or so.  I'm telling you, it is the way to go for summer lunch times.
Second salad choice

My new favourite addition at the moment is a thick slice of a "Big Rainbow" tomato.  These large sized tomatoes are yellow with a colourful pink star-burst on the bottom.  They have a sweeter, fruity taste.  Many people call this a "low acid" tomato, but I have read that they have the same acid as any red tomato.  The difference is that they have higher natural sugar content than their red brethren.  The higher sugar level makes them taste "sweeter" which is interpreted as "less acid", but the pH is the same.

I used my solar clothes dryer (clothes line) and hung up my washed garden gear just before I made my salad.  After I finished making and enjoying my salad I went out to hang up my freshly laundered bedspread.  The clothes I had hung up before lunch were already dried.  The breeze and rapid drying temperatures have pretty much removed all of the wrinkles as well.
Big Rainbow, Better Boy & cherry and grape tomatoes

Seriously...two thing to try this summer.  Super salads with local tomatoes, and rapid clothes drying via the line instead of the machine.  Lose weight, save energy, save money, get vitamin D and enjoy that clean clothes smell and a little dose of self-satisfaction with your excellent choices.  It is OK to be happy about good choices you make.  God likes it too!

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