Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hondas and a BLT

2011 Honda Ruckus
Blogging is having to take a back seat.  Not only has life been busy but I have discovered a new passion.  I have purchased a used 2011 Honda Ruckus.

In high school I dated a guy who had a motorcycle and we rode around on it a lot.  I liked it, but he never offered to let me learn and I never thought to ask.  My cousin had a motorcycle and rode me around on it and let me try to drive it.  I promptly  crashed into a pile of rusty stacked tomato cages and spent the day after that catching up on my tetanus and antibiotic shots for the  blood poisoning streaks that were radiating up my ankle and into my foot and putting antibiotic cream on my muffler burn.  Fast forward thirty-five years.

The Co-gardener took me and another friend (Steve, father of the Frankenmato, see previous blogs) to a large, grassy field and let us practice riding his smallish motorcycle.  I was terrible at it but I did it and it remains one of my favourite accomplishments (after grad school and grandchildren) of my 50's so far.  So I have been tooling up and down dirt roads and pastures gaining confidence.  I would like to take advantage of that ninety MPG if possible but mostly I think it will be used for going back and forth to the garden from our house.   

The garden also picked up speed with the rain and short break in hot temperatures.  I am almost caught up with my tomato canning. 
I will try to finish up with salsa.

I have decided to create a new summer ritual. 
I will call it the BLT extravaganza.  Pile lots of bacon on bread or a roll, add condiment of choice and lettuce and top with an incredibly ripe tomato and consume while holding a dish towel under your chin.  Bocadillo rolls work well, they seem to do a good job of holding mayo and mustard and soaking up the excess tomato juice.

Life can have the rituals and it can have some new stuff too.  It makes things a lot tastier and more exciting.  If you see someone who looks like me top-ending it at forty MPH on the highway, please drive carefully and pass cautiously.

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