Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Office Space 2

Library meeting rooms
This week has been taken up with preparing a presentation for next week. I have a Business Partner and we are looking forward to our first paying gig. She has a degree that pairs up well with mine and a great personal work ethic, so we are creating seminars in our respective specialities and dreaming big dreams. For hours of intense prep work we meet up at the local university's library. This serves as our centrally located meeting place; Internet available, great parking, clean, convenient, air conditioning ( a lot cooler than my 81F degree house.

They are a little strict about bringing in snacks and cell phones, but for free, it is a pretty good deal. There are plenty of coffee spots and eateries nearby. We have our pick of reference books and journals. They also have a shelf that is labelled “New” and there are all kinds of great new publications in my field that all cost about $30 each at Amazon.
Cushy second-floor reading area

We have only begun to scratch the surface of the resources available at this office space. On the second floor, there are little rooms that are never all filled and we can practice our presentations aloud to our hearts content. There are lounging areas where you can sit and read comfortably, or even doze if you are hardcore.

This strategy works well. It gets me out of my house, lets me be my introverted self in a cubicle or corner alone and gives me the freedom to hang out, plan, and practice with the Business Partner. The place is huge and the second and third floors are basically empty except for a few offices. Can you repeat after me, “Yes, thank you!”.

Salad and cheese dip & chips
Another thing that continues to work well is the salad after gardening luncheon (see previous salad post). Today I added home-made cheese dip. I made my salsa and I love it. It might be a little vinegary and sweet for some, but I really like it. I made a cream sauce, added cheddar cheese and then added a ton of cumin and a generous amount of salsa and served up with tortilla chips. Wow, it was that good. I wouldn't kid you about something like that.

So many of the joys and satisfactions of life are the result of the blessings available and the intentionality to make the effort to enjoy them. You are worth it, life is worth it. Bon Appetit!

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  1. Repeating after you, "Yes, thank you!" Not to rock the boat too much but maybe I could start a petition to allow coffee in the library. Studying is incomplete without coffee...everyone knows that. ;) Libraries...the hot spot for introverts. I like it.