Friday, August 3, 2012

Pole Barns and Airstreams

The Neighbor's 80's Airstream
So it is time for a word about The Neighbors. We have four properties adjoining our new property. One belongs to the original Co-Gardener, two are homes that were there before we bought our property. The other belongs to the new Neighbors. These are two folks we are very excited to have nearby, or soon to be nearby. We have known both of them for several years and are delighted that they are going to build their own home.

Their plan is similar to ours. Do-it-yourself and make it efficient. Their plan is different, because they are designing it themselves. His day job is as a musician, degreed in engineering, with significant touring breaks and random work to help cash flow. She has a seminary degree and is still thinking about the path her vocations might take.

Poles for the Pole Barn
As an interim dwelling, the couple has purchased an Airstream Trailer. They intend to live here while they build and as they tour and travel. They shopped extensively to find a good deal and to find something that would retain its value. They have chronicled some of their journey if you want to follow along on the Moore Homestead blog link on this page. Moore's Homestead

Currently they are raising a pole barn building. This will serve as a storage area and eventual studio space. He labored over the plans for several days working out the glitches and tweaking it to meet his criteria. They will probably have their home construction finished long before ours.

Neighbor's Scale Plans
We are currently considering a greenhouse purchase. Elegant Astronaut (link to blog this page) gave me a gift certificate to her favorite masseuse. Charlene, the masseuse, happens to know someone who needs to sell their three greenhouse structures, and by one of those strange quirks they are only a mile or two from our new property as the crow flies.
Rafters Up

  One of the structures is a gothic frame with heater, thermostats and fans. The other two are disassembled hoop houses. We have plans for a geodesic/aquaponic/hydropinc greenhouse, but we have pressing needs for a greenhouse space sooner than we can build our custom dome structure.
It is all matter of cash flow at this point.

Neighbors are an important part of community life. They are a constant and good reminder to be ethical in all that you do. They can be your best friends (or your worst enemies if things don't go well). I am looking forward to long and good relationships with all our neighbors.

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