Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Animal Attraction

Tom Turkey
Today was a gorgeous day, the perfect day here to visit the favorite local attraction of Grandkid #1.  It was also a red letter day for GK #2, today he took off walking under his own recognizance.  He has taken a very few tentative steps,
but this afternoon he decided it was time, and off he went.

Anyway, this was the day to visit the local barnyard.  An enterprising local has made a petting zoo complete with pony rides and free kitten adoptions.  There are pigs, goats, cows, horses, a dog, kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, chicks, ducks, geese, an alpaca, a peacock, and an emu.

Children under two are free, all others are five dollars each, and a plastic bag of dried corn to feed the animals costs three dollars.  There is a nice playground and picnic area, and snacks for sale; just drinks and chips I think. 

The owner was drawing out plans for a zip line that he was
preparing to construct.  He also told me about several other
Domestic Ducks
improvement plans.  I asked him if this was his idea, and he said
yes, that it was his plan so that he could stay at home and work.
My granddaughter thinks it is a brilliant idea.  I enjoyed it a lot too.

Next time we will take a picnic, and spend lots more time.  There is  an abundance of space to run off excess energy and plenty to see and do.  It was an inspiring enterprise and the gentleman also used it as a place to promote some of his ideas, with lots of funny sayings posted, his political candidate promoted, and a Statue of Liberty in the center of his pond.  I always admire someone who can advance their own solutions and views and make a living too.

The animals appeared to be very well cared for and gentle.  The area was cleaner than a normal barnyard and much more spacious than the typical zoo, so I guess I was pretty impressed.  Lots of grandparents and grandkids and moms making the most of the last week before school starts up here.

Sand Box with Diggers
I would linger and write more but the daughter needs some help getting the baby to bed.  Tomorrow is the second day of preschool for GK  #1.  It was a good, good day, but everyone is tired out now, so off to bed.

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  1. I'm so thrilled that you got to see grandkid's first steps!! =) Sounds like they've got a great new space to play in and explore and learn, thanks to the man with a vision and ambition.