Friday, September 7, 2012

Sidewalks and Sunflowers

Morning Glory
 The Husband and I have been chasing the Grandkids while the Daughter and Son-in-Law took a much deserved mini-vacation.  Unfortunately the computer here needed to go with them and I am really not up to posting a blog with the droid, just too tedious, and I have a low tedium threshold.  Now they have returned and I will post a few of the photos from the local sidewalks.

The morning glory was climbing up a lamp post.  The flower was exactly that intense blue we call morning glory, although morning glory blossoms can be many different blues, reds, purples, or whites.

The sunflower house was using them as a colorful screen I think.  The house was a tall one and the height of the sunflowers worked pretty well with the building.

Sunflowers in the yard

Sunflower close-up

Geraniums do really well up here and the locals seem to really appreciate the summer long color they provide.  This  red geranium 
by the railing was one of seven or eight used on the spacious columned white porch.  
Geraniums on the  porch

This container on the next block uses a nice mix of colors around the centerpiece geranium.

The flowers up here just do not show the stress that the same flowers do back home in the South.  Here they flourish in the cool moist weather and are beautiful and then frost comes.  One of the neighbors told me the first frost should be in the next couple of weeks.  That knowledge makes their beauty all the more poignant. Staying in touch with those agricultural rhythms should keep us grounded.  Beauty is glorious but it is also fleeting.  We all bow to larger more ancient rhythms and influences whether we wish to acknowledge it or not.