Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring ReMix and Patience

Flowering Cherry Blossoms
The weather here is in the iris, spirea, poppy, azalea blooming stage.  The rhododendrons and deciduous azaleas are just opening.  The redbuds and cherries are finishing up.    I told my granddaughter that these flowering cherry blossoms looked just like her play tutu.  She is young enough that I can't tell if she really understands what I mean.  We walk around the block, well I walk and she pushes herself along on here hand-me-down Hot Wheels type tricycle (see previous blog photo).  She has trouble pedaling and steering at the same time, so she usually contents herself with pulling and pushing all  the way around.  Sometimes it is a little frustrating for Type A personalities.

We go around the block and look for lamps.  She has been watching The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie and I told her that the lamp posts were from Narnia so now we stop and discuss every lamp around the block, there are many!  It is a nice residential area with lots of old homes, nicely remodeled.  The sidewalk is interesting, especially when you contemplate it from a toddler trike-riding point of view.  Some of it is smooth and old, some of it is smooth and new, a few spots are broken and pitted, and some parts are displaced by huge old maple roots.  In places the roots are growing over the sidewalk.

Peas in Paper Cups
There are no trees of any size in the immediate vicinity of our house here.  It makes working up the soil for beds much easier.  I am planning on planting these peas at the end of the porch and in a back corner.  The tomatoes haven't come up yet, probably not warm enough on the porch to get the tomato seeds to sprout.

My granddaughter and I are making a play space in the narrow back yard.  I will
probably take some pictures soon.  I am hoping that I can come up with some ideas that put re-purposed objects to good use and at the same time will allow her to use her imagination.  People around here obligingly put things out on the curb for others to use.  There was a beautiful old green velvet chair that would need to be reupholstered on the curb  It was heartbreaking to leave it out for the trash pick-up.  But at present there was nothing else to be done.  The kind of weird things that I am looking for are not always the kinds of things people think other people want.  Oh well I will just keep my eyes open, the right things will come along.  Patience plays a big part in riding around the block, art, and life.

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