Saturday, May 12, 2012

Joy of Toys (Reused)

"Ride' em Caterpillar"
While I was looking back through the week's pics I was struck by how many of our toys were secondhand, thrift store acquisitions and what a good choice this has been for us.  The caterpillar was a flea market/thrift store find.  I haven't seen one like it before or since although I am sure they are out there.  Grandk #2 will soon be old enough, and we put him on behind his sister (while we helped him stay on) for a short ride and he loved it.

Yesterday morning the Episcopalians were having a garage sale/bake sale and we took our parade there and scored a "Princess" doll stroller.  While I don't enjoy this type of hype/gender stereo-typing this was the toy Grandk#1 wanted, and there were lots of others to choose from.  So for one buck we have bought our token to the culture/status toy.  She enjoys it and her Dora doll rides around in it all day long.  (Thanks Rachel W. and V for the Dora).

"Princess" stroller
The Grandk #2 loves to disassemble the Melissa and Doug Spice Rack.  I think this was a shower gift toy.  It is well designed and colorful and will last practically forever.  On Thursday we also invested in a $.50 grab bag from a thrift store.  I really appreciated the genius behind this.  At the counter there were bags marked for girls and boys and by ages.  This way parents could tell a child to wait until they were checking out and for a small sum of money they could get a surprise and treat that was worth much more than if the toys were bought individually.  Ours held a great jump rope, a crazy 8's card game, a package of trivia cards, a small handmade box for catching bugs, and several other small items and a baby toy for Bubbie I. (brother).  A great deal and thoughtful presentation, it would help parents give something nice on the cheap, especially if they couldn't afford any of the big items the children would see as they were shopping.

Yellow deciduous azalea
I am thinking of going back to the Episcopalian bake sale this morning, those folks can whip up some baked delights.  They were even testing out some fund raiser chocolates for ten cents each to get feedback for their recipes.  I invested in a fifty cent square of fudge however, and it was def yummo for the tummo.  Grandk #1 picked a giant flower sugar cookie with thick white frosting with pink shading.  I didn't even get one bite.

To finish out, I took one more pic from the Neurologist's home showing his yellow deciduous azalea.  This is where we picked up the lilacs and magazines (see previous lilac blog).  My daughter says if we take any more pictures we will probably be questioned for stalking.  She may be right.  Maybe I will have to start scouting in the other direction.  Happy Hunting!

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