Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poppies and Posts

I have been taking a hiatus from the regular grind and am visiting family.  While strolling around their neighborhood I saw these amazing poppies.  Not many people plant poppies back in Arkansas and we should really try to grow them they are so beautiful.  These were spectacular and they were stuck out back behind a house next to a little alley.  Maybe they just wanted all this beauty to be private.  It was behind a chain link fence so maybe that is their attitude toward life, or maybe they can just spend beauty extravagantly, even in an alley location.  Or maybe they didn't know how the flowers would grow and didn't want to risk failure.  No telling.

Here is another sight from my stroll- hitching posts.  There are some very old homes in this neighborhood, and these  posts appear to have been around a while.  My daughter told me that some of the Mennonite and Amish folk around here use them for their buggies when they drive into town.  Makes sense.
Hitching post

The red buds and dogwoods are in bloom here.  I would say it is about a month behind Arkansas.  It is fun to see a replay of spring.  However my garden will be so different when I get back, it will be strange.  Maybe the co-gardeners will post pictures.  But my child and my grandchildren are another kind of garden that God has given me and it is time to take care of it!



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