Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pirates and Stained Glass Windows

 Tonight was a first trip to the movies with Grandk #1.
We saw the "Pirates" a claymation that held the attention of a
 2 1/2 year old for about thirty minutes.  We enjoyed the movie experience anyway.  Apparently an orange soda and a box of popcorn can make up for a lot.  This theater is in an old building that has been remodeled inside.  The seats have drink holders, the floor was exceptionally clean (we got plenty of chances to check it out when the movie was boring) and they had booster seats for young kids, a nice touch I hadn't seen before.  Counting the two of us there were four people in the audience.

Realistically our walk to the theater was almost as much fun for the participants as the movie.  We jogged, trotted, and practiced our street crossing skills.  "Brave" and "Snow White" are coming, we may try again, or we may move on to other more engaging activities.

I am enjoying all the older buildings.  There are some lovely restored homes.  I have seen these two stained glass windows, one at the Pilgrim's Holiness and the other at the Assembly of God. I hope I can go inside to see what they look like from inside the building. I think the Assembly building was a Methodist Church before it became an Assembly, there was a dedication inscription in the foundation that seemed to indicate that.

Pilgrim Holiness (top shows crown w/dove
Assembly of God (formerly Methodist building)
I think I have heard someone say that stained glass windows are metaphors for the Christian life. Something to the effect that it is completely different when experienced from the inside, instead of standing outside and looking in. Not sure what I think of that. I certainly feel that my faith colors my view of everything.  It enriches my life in the same way that the light shining through the colors makes them vivid and adds intensity while highlighting the story illuminated.  But I don't think that others who don't share faith can't comprehend the picture shown, or the story it represents.  I know it doesn't have the same overall impact and I don't see how it could engender the same feelings or responses.  Kind of hard to say, we are anchored as well as limited by our experiences.  I know that my position and orientation to Christianity makes my view possible and if I were in another relationship to it I could not experience the same things. In order to appreciate the work of the artist and see the light pour through their colors and light up the story and symbols there I will want to go inside.

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  1. Although he will never get around to reading this- "Happy Anniversary" to the Husband.