Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Impact and Procrastination

Iris along the sidewalk
Another iris planting

One neighbor a few blocks away loves iris, especially blue, purple and white iris.  I think these are a mixture of Siberian and Japanese Iris, but I am not sure.  I am not that familiar with them.  The third blue plant is a perennial indigo I think.  Again, I am not that familiar with it's growing habit and various appearances.

False Indigo
Many of the small yards around here take advantage of the monochromatic effect of massing colors.  Using shades and tints of the same color will generally give greater impact in a landscape.  I think this is partly the result of smaller urban yards.  People use their space more strategically.

I think it is also the proliferation of how-tos, gardening books, television gardening shows, you tube videos and blogs.  Monochromatic massed plantings used to be a secret of master gardeners and landscapers.  Now every wannabe gardener has access to this knowledge if they want it.
The opportunity to learn about our interests grows at an accelerated rate.  We can use that knowledge to solve problems, create beauty, help others, entertain ourselves.  Or not.  We can use it to waste our allotted time.  If you find yourself doing that, as I have many times in my life, ask yourself "Why?".  Usually when I do that I find that I am avoiding something, usually something more or less unpleasant.  So the real question needs to be what do I do about that unpleasant thing.  And that is where technology can really help.  Pretty much whatever your problem or need, there is someone who has/is talking about it on-line.  Just taking the trouble to look up a better way to do it on-line can get often get you started if you don't need much of a push.  Technology can serve as community.  But it may not be that good at holding you accountable or keeping you in touch with reality.  You have to choose wisely.  But you have to do the same thing with community and accountability partners.  Choose someone balanced, experienced and hopefully wise who shares your most important values and beliefs.  It is the surest and fastest way to avoiding wasting time that I know about.
Homemade Play Dough

The last shots are samples of the homemade play dough.  I made the cooked variety with cream of tartar and it turned out great.  Used half a bag of flour and made a gigantic blob of the stuff that we divided into small batches and colored.  The recipe came from MomsWhoThink.com

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  1. Spoken like a woman who is taking on life with purpose and intentionality. PS Your play dough is lovely.