Monday, February 20, 2012

Handmade soap and bath therapy

Here is a picture of the newest batch of soap curing. It has a nice floral scent with a little grapefruit included and the bar is a pale blue-green color. It still has about a month to harden before it is ready to use. This is my second batch and I am pleased. It is a much bigger batch and I am using my clearance vegetable oil so the actual cost is really thrifty! Handmade soap retails for around $4.00 for a four ounce bar, and is worth every penny in my opinion. I have always loved the luxury of a hot bath with soap and bath salts that smell really good. Bubbles are okay but the smell and feel are the big thing.

Good handmade soap is usually great for your skin. The glycerin and extra oils stay in the soap (they are often removed from commercial soaps) and there isn't anything in there that I didn't put in there. That is a good thing to know if you have allergies or sensitive skin.

Soap takes a long time to make, around four to six weeks to completely cure and harden but bath salts are a more instant gratification. You can mix a batch up and use it as soon as you're done. It is a great way to use up recycled jars. I spray paint the top and decorate it however I like. Makes nice gifts to whip up for your bath-loving friends.

If I've spent a long day in the garden or greenhouse I tend to myself with a little hydrosoapsoaktherapy and a good book (on my Kindle of course).

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