Saturday, February 25, 2012

Craft Night and Creativity

I have more project ideas in my head than could be completed in several lives, however I suffer from lack of focus and too many options. So some friends and I started a weekly craft night. If someone can't come each week, it is no big deal. I fix a simple, cheap meal and they bring additions and we get together at my house. I host it because I don't have to drive to their homes and drag my craft supplies with me. Cooking is no big deal, I make it cheap and simple. Baked potatoes, beans, salad- easy simple stuff. Sometimes we sit at the kitchen table. Often, after we eat, we go to the “craft room”, a small office/bedroom that has been re-purposed since the kids moved out.
In this incredibly crowed space we work on our respective projects. We don't all do the same thing, although seeing someone else make something has certainly inspired me to attempt some of their things. We listen to Pandora, look up artworks and galleries on the Internet, watch You Tube how-tos and talk about whatever. My friends are a creative lot and each one inspires me and at least once a week I know I will be making progress on gifts or things to sell in my flea market space.
Etsy and Pinterest have both capitalized on this approach. Craft night is a simple format. It is a good community builder and a more in-depth way to get to know people. It is cheap entertainment, productive work, and a great learning environment. Furthermore, in a few weeks I know I will actually finish one of those projects I've been dreaming about. Give it a try.


  1. crafty people amaze me. you go girls!

  2. Rachel sure enjoys Craft Night at your house.