Saturday, February 18, 2012

Edible Seed Packaging

I am enjoying my pumpkins and winter squash. I like decorating with them and they boost my gardening morale when I glance over at their earthy colors. I really love cooking with them. I am sending these two to the neighbor. He wants some winter squash seed and I will have extra. He is a truck driver who developed a first-time lovely organic garden in his front yard. He is fortunate to have the weekends to work on it.

My other trucker friend is only home a few days a month and it must be very frustrating. It makes it hard to have much of a garden. This spring we are working together. I will be trying to help care for his gardening interests and he is helping out in a lot of ways- hauling compost, chicken litter, and mulch on a borrowed trailer. It should be a great garden with pictures following as soon as the temps warm up a little more. He has also generously ordered lots of seeds that he wants to try out and I will be starting them in the greenhouse as soon as they arrive. Can't wait!
For cheap thrills there is nothing like peering at a seed tray or peat cups to see if the seeds are up yet. Makes late winter bearable for me

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  1. sounds like you guys have a sweet deal worked out?!! wish i didnt kill everything green :(